Should I Repair Or Replace My Washing Machine?

01 Nov Should I Repair Or Replace My Washing Machine?

Your washing machine won’t last forever, this much is true. But a broken machine brings up the question; should I fix it or replace it? It’s a tough call but should always be taken seriously because as far as appliances go, washing machines are expensive and they serve a vital role in most households. 

Sometimes looking into washing machine repairs is the cheapest way to go, but in other situations, a replacement is going to be better in the long run. We have a list of areas that we service across Melbourne for both repairs and replacement, from the Bayside to the Northern suburbs, you can head to our washing machine services page for a full list. 


What you should consider

While there are many ideas you can toy around with, there are some more important than others, that can help you determine which option is going to be right for you in any given circumstance. Let’s have a look:

  1. Age of the Washing Machine

All appliances have their average expected lifespan. The chances of a machine breaking down only increases over time, most washing machines can remain operational for around 11 years. After this point, it’s recommended to be replaced as its performance is likely to have worsened over time. 


If you’ve only had your washing machine for a few years, it comes down to how often it breaks down. A new machine that has only broken down once will be easier to repair because modern parts will be easier to find. 


It’s important that repair costs are less than 50 per cent of the new machines price. If your new machine keeps breaking down, to have it repaired every time could become very expensive. In this case, ordering a new machine will be the wisest choice. 


1. Costs

This is probably the first thing most people will think about when considering replacing or repairing their washing machine. You’ll want to know all the different fees involved in a washing machine repairs cost, against the cost of replacement. Repair costs might include an expert assessment fee from a washing machine mechanic, replacement cost of parts and labour. 


2. What the problem is

Sometimes the decision will be based on what the actual issue is. An expert might help you determine the problem and from there you can find out whether the issue is beyond repair or easily fixed. A fee in bringing in an expert will most likely still be involved but there could also be minor problems then you can fix on your own. In this case, you wouldn’t need to replace your machine. 


3. The impact maintenance has on lifespan

There are some maintenance habits that you can embrace to eliminate the need to even repair your machine. Consistent cleaning can improve performance and extend your machine’s lifespan. Ensuring you’re using the appliance correctly and as directed can do the same.


4. Efficiency

It might also be a good idea to take into consideration things such as water, energy and detergent consumption, as these may be a lot higher in older models. A washing machine with an energy star rating will use around 33% less water than a non-rated model. 


It’s important to consider your specific needs, including how many people are in your household, how often you wash and the size of a regular load. If your current machine is equipped to handle your needs and has an energy star rating, repairs for a breakdown might be considered. If your machine is lacking and you could do with a new model, it might be time to start shopping.


5. Your budget

Whether or not you have the money to buy a new machine will also determine whether or not you choose to repair or replace your machine. New washing machines can set you back thousands of dollars, and if you don’t have the money, turning to an expert for repairs could be your only viable option, granted the quoted price is low enough. 

Washing machine maintenance across Melbourne

Here at Arrive On Time, we offer quality repair services, and our experts can also help you replace your washing machine. Contact us today for information on washing machine repairs and replacement assistance inquiries.