Common Electric Oven and Stovetop Repair Needs

01 Nov Common Electric Oven and Stovetop Repair Needs

Whether you’re cooking for the family or hosting a Friday night dinner party, you rely on your cooking range constantly. So, when something goes wrong you have very little time to play around with. Thankfully there are some common problems that you can have repaired.

It’s common for your mind to think about how much repairs will cost you, but the thought of buying a new one altogether probably sounds extremely unappealing given how much it cost you in the first place. 

Depending on the issue you’re having and the age of your appliance, repairing your oven and stovetop not only is possible but should be highly considered.

Here are some common electric oven and stove repair needs: 

The oven not heating up

Your oven’s main function is to heat food and an oven that doesn’t do that is not working properly. While this can seem like a major problem, the cause can be simple and easily fixed. 

For an electric oven, the problem will most likely be that the heating elements aren’t warming up, you can visually check this to see if they are glowing red. If they aren’t, they can be replaced by a professional. 

If you live in Melbourne, we offer oven and stove repair services across many suburbs from the Mornington Peninsula to the Western Suburbs. 


Oven not cooking food evenly

Most common oven repair problems have to do with the heating elements or temperature sensor. If your food is not being cooked evenly, the problem could be here. 

To check if either of these is working properly, you can preheat your oven to visually test your heating elements, as mentioned before to see if they are glowing red. If they are functioning properly you can test your temperature sensor. If you are faced with problems with either of these, you should have them replaced or repaired. 

If there are no problems with these components, you might only need to adjust the position of your oven racks, or even switch to different cookware. These small adjustments can help find a better consistency when cooking and baking. 

If you’ve made these adjustments and your oven components are functioning properly, but the problem persists it’s time to consult an electric oven repairs technician. 


Stovetop won’t turn on

There could be several things causing your stovetop not to turn on. The simplest reason is that it’s not plugged in. Before any further investigating into the issue, ensure your unit is properly plugged in and that the outlet works. 

If our outlet is functioning fine and your stovetop is still not working, there are probably issues with the appliance’s internal components. Even the smallest of malfunctions can cause this issue and is a problem best taken care of by a professional technician.


Burners won’t heat up

Traditionally, electric stovetops have electric coil burners that heat up when the appliance is turned on to cook. 

If your stovetop is receiving power but your coil burners won’t heat up, you could be experiencing an issue with a loose connection between the coils and the stove. When cleaning your stove, the coils need to be removed and if they’re not placed back properly, they won’t receive power. Make sure your coils are installed correctly and that there’s nothing stuck between the coil and the stove. 

Another issue could be that your stovetop’s internal ignition switch isn’t working. This switch provides heat to the burners, repairing this problem can be very tricky on your own, an experienced oven and stovetop repair technician should be consulted. 


Expert electric oven and stove repair services for Melbourne

There are so many electric oven and stovetop repair situations you might find yourself in, ensuring you’re educated about the common issues is essential, but when you face other issues it’s important to seek professional help.

At Arrive On Time, we offer great repair, replacement and installation services for electric ovens and stoves across Melbourne. Please contact us today for any assistance or queries for your oven and stove repair needs.